In brief

Thanks to the Thinkific platform, I have designed, edited and sold my first online course in Italian. Its title is "How to make safe and valuable purchases online"
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Cover Facebook, Twitter and Landing page
Cover Facebook, Twitter and Landing page



The customer problem/pain points

Buying technology online is risky and chaotic: there are so many different brands, models and prices that it is difficult to compare them all. You can't touch them, you don't really know how they work and the reviews are often fake. And even if everything goes well, what can you do if something goes wrong?

My goals/proposed solution

This course is designed to provide you with what you need to know when shopping online.
The course has 2 main objectives:
  1. to enable you to increase your awareness in handling your personal data, drastically reducing the risk of falling victim to scams and providing you with concrete solutions should something unpleasant happen.
  1. obtaining correct information to understand difficult words, technically comparing 2 or more products and, thus, purchasing products of objective value that meet your needs (not those of the merchant).
Shopping online today can mean: saving time and money, getting products with real value and even earning money from your purchases. This course is your shortcut to these results.

Design Process

Technically speaking, this project allowed me to develop skills in:
  • Marketing: Create an landing page with engaging text and images (in base of target)
  • Copywriting: creating functional text on the landing page
  • Lead generation: Installing Tidio on the course sales landing page
  • Brand identity and Content creation: From brand creation (SKILLA) to content creation, I tried to maintain visual harmony in terms of colours and style.
  • Email marketing: Thanks to the MailerLite, tool I feed visitors and students with additional information, new initiatives and recurring problem solutions. (This is a sample)


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  • 20 video lessons with practical demonstrations divided into 5 modules
  • Downloadable content: as a printable PDF with a Glossary.
  • Questions&Answers with teacher and/or other students (both in platform and on Telegram group)