In Brief

Sideas - At the side of your ideas

Sideas project was founded in the 2020 with the intention of helping other people's projects, ideas and businesses withย effective digital services. Here are the various milestones of this project(every step has a link):


Digital Makers

The customer problems/pain points

For both those who want to start working in digital (but also those who already work in it), finding the right digital tools can be a challenge. Sometimes search engines, blogs or other websites give partial, out-of-date or confusing results on online tools. One risks wasting time and money on the wrong digital tools.

My goals/proposed solutions

Would you like to shape your idea with free digital tools? Use tools that reduce your ecological footprint, are more environmentally friendly or stand out for sustainability? What if you could have an Internet where you have control over your content and your privacy? We believe that, together, we can achieve this goal!

Design Process

Brand identity
The pictogram combines the concept of 'SIDE' (represented by the 2 parallel arrows) with the concept of 'IDEAS' (represented by the light bulb). The union of the two elements generates the graphic effect of the light bulb turning on.
The two English words are incorporated, creating a play on words, but remain graphically separate through the difference in style of the Calibri font (Bold/Regular).
Finally, the pay-off allows a better understanding of the project's mission.
The current version of the site is done with no-code software โ€œSoftrโ€, which allows me to create the directory of the various online tools, the members' area and the project timeline


Adobe Illustrator