In Brief

This template is the (currently empty) basis of your diary, or professional diary: a digital support tool that will allow you to save time, focus your resources and optimise your efforts in your search for your next job.


All jobseeker

The customer problem/pain points

It may be difficult to manage the ''work'' of the job search. People apply for jobs on different sites and various useful resources can be found on as many sites.

My goals/proposed solution

This is an interactive non-profit project that will enable you to:
  • Structure and monitor your job search "work", networking and applications.
  • Keep all the resources, useful links, tools and tips for your job search strategy in one place.
  • Learn how to use Notion, a personal and professional productivity program.

Design Process

Brand Identity:
I thought of playing with the Notion logo (similar to a cube) to create a graphic element that conveys the idea of construction (e.g. Lego). This template, in fact, allows you to 'build' and/or improve your job search strategy.
I focused on the user experience in the various stages of skill:
  • I dedicated a section on how to use Notion
  • I have dedicated a section on how to use this template
  • I have included additional content and information material.


Adobe Illustrator