In Brief

Design Empire is a website that collects job offers for Designers from Dribbble, Behance, Remote Ok, Startups, WeWorkRemotely, Remotive, AuthenticJob, Krop and many others. You can also find new mockups, templates and more freebies from many sources. All for free.


All the designers around the world

The customer problem/pain points

As a designer looking for a job, I found it difficult to browse through the various job offering sites. The risk is to waste time and energy in the job search.

My goals/proposed solution

  • Unifying the flow of job offers in one place
  • Being able to divide them by type or by precise keywords
  • Save them in your profile for tracking
  • Subscribe for a newsletter
  • Adding free content for designers (freebies)

Design Process

Brand identity creation:
I thought that having this kind of content could make every designer feel at home, in his or her own empire. That is why I called the project 'Design Empire'.
The logotype I created recalls a pen (a drawing tool) on the one hand and a torch (a recurring symbol in the Middle Ages, a time of empires) on the other.
Other steps:
  • Created a dedicated e-mail address
  • Got a free domain
  • Set up no-code tool 'Newsy' for site structure
  • Opened Twitter and Telegram channel (@Designempir3)
    • Twitter channel preview
  • Set up no-code tool Pipedream for self-publication of each post (new job offer) on both social channels.


  • Google Analytics


In the first 30 days I reached 50 Followers on Twitter and an average of 15-20 visitors per day to the site.
IMPORTANT: The entire project costs 0.00 € per month
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